The Simple Haskell Initiative

Industrial Haskell users are realizing that the key to delivering software on time and under budget is to keep it simple. We still have yet to fully leverage the value that Haskell98 has to offer through features like:

  • Pure Functions
  • Sum and Product Types
  • Type Classes
  • Polymorphism

Philosophy of Simple Haskell

There are as many opinions on what constitutes Simple Haskell as there are people who have them.
We don't want to endorse any one view, but promote the general idea.
Here are some general heuristics to use in assessing things.


Commercial software is a team endeavor. Fancy Haskell is costly to teams because it usually takes more time to understand and limits the pool of people who can effectively contribute.


Things that have been around longer will be more well-tested and understood by a larger group of people. Prefer tried and true techniques over the latest shiny library or language feature. The more foundational something is in your tech stack, the more conservative you should be about adopting new versions or approaches to that thing.

Leaking Complexity

If you adopt a new thing, how much of its complexity will spread throughout the rest of your codebase? You should be more hesitant to adopt something if its complexity is going to spread through a larger portion of your codebase.



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